No Matter How Big Or Small We Do Them All

Nance Auction Service

The Nance Auction Service is here to give you not just an auction, but a better auction than anyone else. We provide a professional atmosphere along with a lot of laughs. Our motto is "No Matter How Big or Small We Do Them All", and that is just how it is. We provide an excellent service not just for our buyers but our sellers also. With our competitive attitude we will give you a bid that can't be beat. If you don't think you have enough for an auction, don't worry. We will make your auction a success no matter what.

We provide a wide range of auctions. Our specialty is in antique, estate, farm machinery, mechanic tools, liquidations, consignment, and household auctions.  If you are looking to hold an auction please contact us at one of the phone numbers below or email us your name and phone number and we will get in contact with you. 


The purpose of this site is to provide you a better understanding of the Nance Auction Service. You will be able to read about us, preview our coming auctions, and email us with any questions or comments.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to meeting you at one of our auctions, and be prepared to have fun.


To get on our email list send your address to or call us and leave information on our voicemail.

To contact us:

Col. Bill Nance 417-214-0093



28729 S. NN Hwy

Sheldon, MO 64784

Nance Auction Service

Col. Bill Nance

Sheldon, MO